Systemic Constellation of the Protein Transition

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Date(s) - 10/03/2020
12:30 - 14:00

C0103, Forum


Proteins – something which comes automatically with our food. Some are more aware of the amount they consume, some less.

But now it comes to change: We all have to change our food behaviours since our food production sector needs to change radically in the face of climate change. But sometimes it feels like we’re stuck in a society unable to change.

How will we get our proteins in the future?

Artist in residence at the WUR created several different avatars, which are basically ‚roles‘ you can have within this Protein transition. All of these avatars try to get their proteins from different sources and in different ways and they are sure: This is the way we have to feed us, to save the world.

This sounds quite abstract, but actually within the description of the avatars, a lot of people can find themselves : the chickentarian is sure eating chicken is the solution, the oceanic farmer turns to sea weed as a source of nutrients, and so on.

Maybe you already feel any kind of connection to one of these descriptions. What we will do this evening is quite a special way of working with these avatars!

We will make an art project which is linked to improvisation theater, but also to a systematic installation. Here a little explanation: We want some of you to feel into a role, so to identify with these avatars. Afterwards we will start an interactive and interesting session wherein we can find out how there avatars will act with each other, how they will answer to questions we ask or how they will find arguments for their point of view.
We want to do research on the power of the spontaneous reaction, the wisdom from the ‚heart‘ we have, also called ‚intuition‘ and how we can link that to the different views on the protein transition.