14 June: Field Trip Veld en Beek

veldenbeek POSTERIts Open Day at the Veld and Beek organic dairy farm! We will get a special guided tour in English and there will be real Dutch ice cream from the farm! Jummie!

Veld and Beek is no ordinary dairy farm. They have a system to deliver their products with consumers in the surroundings, in fact, the cows are owned by the consumers! But there’s more: the stable of the cows turns into a greenhouse when the cows are outside in the meadow…

Don’t miss out on this excursion! Join us for a nice bike tour, discover the very special stable/greenhouse, and enjoy some real Dutch Ice Cream! See you all Sunday 14th of June in front of the Forum Building at 12:00h.

More info: Katrien van ‘t Hooft. Most Dutch dairy cows are marathon runners