Food, Farmers and Forks

How to feed the world? A question that pops up everywhere. The answer seems to be sought in producing more kg’s of food globally. To reduce hunger however, we know that the challenges lie not so much in quantities of food, but rather in maldistribution.

Otherwise, Ruw, and Boerengroep organise seven Tuesdays with alternative views and inspiring examples: from lectures and debates on the future of agriculture in Europe,  lectures of (old and) wise men who say they have figured out how to reform agriculture, workshops, to a Regional Farmers Market.

programme (updated Okt 24)

Date & place TITLE and PARTICIPANTS Activity
 Nov 1, 19:30h
Forum C217
The crisis in our global food system
Jan Douwe van der Ploeg (Professor of Rural Sociology)
Wouter van der Weijden (Platform Agriculture Innovation and Society)
Gine Zwart (senior policy advisor OXFAM)facilitator: Jessica Milgroom 
Nov 8, 19:30h
Forum C314
Urban agriculture around the world and in your home
Fiona Morris & Esther Schoenmaker (Transition Towns Vallei)
Tesfaye Belete (PADet, Ethiopian NGO)
Nov 15, 17:30h
Droevendaal Farm
Regional market
producers from in and around Wageningen
Nov 22, 19:30h
Forum C314
On the origin of food
Arjen Wals (Professor of Social Learning and Sustainable Development)
Nov 25, 19:30h
ISOW building
Workshop sustainable vegan cooking
Marta Dabrowska
Nov 29, 19:30h
Forum C314
Institutionalising grassroots voices in giant institutions
Niels Röling (Professor Emeritus of Innovation and Communication Studies)
Kami Pothukuchi (Associate Professor, Wayne State University, Dept. of Urban Studies & Planning)
Mariana Wongtschowski (KIT, Royal Tropical Institute)
Dec 1, 19:30h
ISOW building
Fairshare Christmas around the world Dinner
Stichting werelddelen
Dec 6, 19:30h
Forum C314
The future of the EU farmer: what will happen after 2013?
Henk van Zeijts (PBL, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)
Irma Beusink & Ramona Langanki (representatives of Nyeleni, European food sovereignty forum)
Joop de Koeijer (NAV, Netherlands Arable Farmers’ Union)
Dec 13, 19:30h
Forum C103
Agri-food commodity chains: resist or embrace?
Sanne van der Wal (SOMO, Centre for research on Multinational Corporations)

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Forum: Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Building 102, 6708 PB Wageningen
Droevendaal farm: Kielekampsteeg 32, building 114, 6708 PC Wageningen
ISOW building: Generaal Foulkesweg 1A, 6703 BG Wageningen

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