Green Party at WUR

students wanted!

**** external announcement from WEP ****

Lately VeSte and WEP have been developing ideas to start a green party in the Student Council. This idea has arised because there is only one party right now to be elected, which is VeSte. To give students more ideals and visions to choose from at the election, WEP is now looking for people who are interested in becoming a Student Council member from a green perspective (and ultimately setting up a green party). When becoming a student council party member you work for the university, they will provide you with questions regarding the university’s policy and education. Together with the other Student Council members and together with members of your party you will work on answering these questions. So if you’re from a green, sustainable background you can approach all issues from this perspective and fight for your ideals. For example, would you like to see more sponsoring for green initiatives, or more education on sustainable development? Then let your voice be heard. Work on what’s important for you and the students you represent.

 So if you are interested in the idea of being a green council member and/or forming a green party for the Student Council, then contact WEP! You can visit them at lunchtime at Thursdays or mail to