About Jump-in Theatre

Jump-in Theatre
The objective of the Farmer Foundation (Boerengroep) is to provide a link between agricultural practice and agricultural theory. The Jump-in Theatre (Inspringtheater) is a tool in this quest. The Theatre is hired by organisations or companies to make a funny but critical sketch about present-day agricultural issues. We make use of an interactive theatre type called Forum Theatre. First we introduce the subject in a few scenes and then get to the climax point where one of the characters ends up in a dilemma. Then the facilitator (joker) ask the audience to jump in and show what they would do in such a situation. This is an effective and interesting way to provoke a discussion.

Forum Theatre
Forum Theatre is used all over the World for education, prevention, emancipation, human rights and re-socialisation. It’s all about ‘empowerment’, providing people with a tool to get control over their lives. On stage we display the interests and motives of the different parties involved and try to create mutual understanding. We perform the real world dilemma’s and try to find feasible solutions.

Playing with the Jump-in Theatre
As a Jump-in Theatre player you’re not obliged to play the whole year. Every time we are requested for a theatre performance the coordinator contacts the players to see who is interested and has time to develop a play. The group gets directed by a (semi) professional director. On average making a theatre play will cost you 20 hours in total. This includes a preparation brainstorm a rehearsal weekend and the performance itself.

Our plays used to be in dutch but we just founded an international theatre group in cooperation with Otherwise. And we received our first request for a theatre performance in English so now we work on creating options for international theatre in Wageningen.

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