Your town – global agriculture

Less agrochemicals and deforestation through local action? Can your town make the difference?

Feeding the World with food which is clean & fair? What can you do? Lets start in our own town! Listen to local initiatives that make a difference!

Discussion about how you as a citizen and your town have an impact on agriculture on both a local and global scale. Listen to the story of Nijmegen: a civil society inititative even created a new type of spatial zoning! Get inspired by local initiators, scientists, politicians.


What: public discussion
When: Saturday June 8 from 19:30 to 21:00
Where: in Wilde Wereld in Wageningen
Organisation: Boerengroep and Independent Critical Student Group Wageningen

This evening is part of the GM Free Agriculture Days 2013, Wageningen. Check out the day program! There will me thematic workshops, food, and music throughout the day. See also discussion “do we need GM”on Friday June 7.