14 May: Chicken Excursion

Its time for EGGS. They are everywhere: in our cookies, cakes, dishes and a nice omelet in the morning. But where do they come from exactly? Join us this Saturday on our one and only Chicken Excursion! We will visit a ‘Rondeel’ farm, a concept of keeping chickens in a very special way. This concept … Read more

Workshop Dragon Dreaming with Dr. Felipe Simas

Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming – how to run outrageously successful projects

Consensual participatory strategic planning for projects and organisations in the field of Ecologically Sustainable Community Economic Development. Inspired in Australia’s aboriginal people, the latest scientific discoveries, Living Systems Theory, and Deep Ecology.


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25 April: Agroecology: bridging science, practice, movement

On the 25th of April the Wageningen University will host the event “AGROECOLOGY – bridging science, practice, movement. With key speakers Pablo Tittonell and Irene Maria Cardoso. Moreover there will be dance, local food, music and much more! AGROECOLOGY – bridging science, practice, movement Date: Monday 25th April Location: room C64, Leeuwenborch (Hollandseweg 1, Wageningen) Program: 18:00-19:20 … Read more

Refugee status holders welcome in Ommuurde Tuin


Together with ‘Welkom in Wageningen’ and the Ommuurde Tuin, the Boerengroep started a project where refugees and status holders can join on a weekly basis to work along in organic garden de Ommuurde Tuin. Interns from the Warmonderhof (BioDynamic education) will help them along and show them around.

Participants can subscribe via: st.boerengroep@wur.nl
See also the website of Welkom in Wageningen for more initiatives.

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6 March: DOCUevening – 8 March: Protest Demonstration

DOCUevening & call for action

Sunday 6th March: DOCUevening & info on Demonstration
20h00, Common Barrack, Droevendaal (Wageningen)
Tuesday 8th March: Protest Demonstration
16h00, Honduran embassy, The Hague

Berta Cáceres was murdered last Thursday, March 3 by ‘unknown gunman’ in her house. She was an indigenous leader and spokesperson of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras.

Advertisement, signed by Boerengroep

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15 March: Satoyama: the Re-Peasantization of Japan

japanposter (2)

Boerengroep and RSO chairgroup invited 11 guest speakers who will share their knowledge on SATOYAMA: the re-peasantization of Japan. Satoyama refers to the traditional multi-functional peasant landscapes of the Japanese countryside, as well as their layered social, cultural, economic and ecological functions.

What are the merits of Satoyama versus the Dutch Food Valley model favored by the Japanese government and industry?

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