Call for Open Vacancies: Stitching Boerengroep Are you passionate about sustainable agriculture, community engagement, and fostering connections between urban and rural environments? Stitching Boerengroep is looking for dedicated individuals to join our team and help us continue our mission of promoting agroecology and supporting farmers through education and advocacy. Chair As the Chair of Stitching … Read more

Internship Opportunity: Farm Experience Internship Organizer

Dear Friends, We are thrilled to announce an exciting internship opportunity that awaits you! Position: Internship Organizer Duration: 5 months (End-March to Mid-August) Additional Benefits: 3 ECTS credits for joining the Farm Experience Internship (FEI) Overview: Are you passionate about agroecology and community-driven initiatives? Do you thrive in dynamic environments where you can make a … Read more

Boerengreop goes International: Bruno Miranda & agroecological stories from BRAZIL

How Indigenous communities and peasant farmers are using agroecology to foster resistance against big agribusiness in Brazil and assert their rights! When thinking about agroecology, the images of Low-tech Farms and techniques inspired by traditional or indigenous knowledge generally come to mind. Agroecology is heavily associated with sustainability transitions in agriculture, and it is hailed … Read more

The effect of Transformative education on students’ learning experiences on agroecology – A caste study of the Farm Experience Internship by Jonne Walstra

We at Stichting Boerengroep are thrilled to announce the completion of our inaugural thesis, centered on the Farm Experience Internship (FEI) written by Jonne Walstra. Under the guidance of Heitor Mancini Teixeira, a former FEI intern in 2013 who introduced the FEI concept to the Netherlands inspired by Brazil’s Estágio Interdisciplinar de Vivência (EIV), an … Read more

Vacancies Coordinator – Boerengroep & Inspringtheatre

Coordinator Boerengroep 20 hours a week, minimum hour wage Promote sustainable, just agriculture among students, farmers, citizens, and policymakers! Do you have a passion for food, agriculture, and sustainable development? Or do you enjoy fostering dialogue about sustainability and justice in the future food system? Then, we are looking for you! Stichting Boerengroep is seeking … Read more