Loesje Poster Workshop

Food4All is the theme of University’s coming anniversary. But how does WageningenUR relate to providing food for all? To raise some discussion about this topic, and to encourage a critical academic attitude towards it, we organise a Loesje poster-creating workshop. These posters will surely raise some questions, and we hope that in their critical-but-fresh Loesje style they … Read more

Reclaim the Seeds

Agrobiodiversity, food production and farmer rights are at stake! Farmers are losing control over plant breeding and seed production. The expansion of patent laws driven by multinational corporations such as Monsanto further threaten this. This does not only mean farmers (and hobby gardeners!) always have to buy seeds every year, it also means they are … Read more

Do it yourself!

Waiting for others to make a better place? Transform your Town! Plenty of local initiatives are no longer waiting for others to make that change, and are fully embracing the do-it-yourself mentality. Do you know what is going on around you? Grassroots Science We would like to give space to our shared love for locally … Read more

Soil & Agroecology Workshop

Grassroots Workshop Soil is the basis of every form of sustainable agriculture. In this workshop, Irene Cardoso (from Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil), we will share practical field methods for soil quality using indicators like soil structure, organic matter, etc. This evening is part of setting up the academic garden EAT. During the year we will … Read more

Academic Gardens throughout the world

After the successful establishment of the EAT-ME, aimed at establishing an edible academic garden on the WUR campus, the time has come to take the next step. This is learning from and getting inspired by similar initiatives throughout the world. During this evening the results from research conducted by an ACT group on Academic Gardens … Read more

EAT Campus Garden

Participatory presentation of EAT: Edible Academic Garden & Environmental Education EAT will become the center of integrating different disciplines of the WUR and apply knowledge in practice. Systems thinking, Producing plants, Understanding Natural Interactions, Networking, and Collaboration will be integrated in garden elements. The Eetbare Academische Tuin en Milieu Educatie (Edible Academic Garden & Environmental … Read more

Grassroots Science Overview

Below you can find the programme posters we used to announce the Grassroots Science series. In autumn 2012 Grassroots Science looked like this:   In spring 2012 Grassroots Science looked like this:       In autumn 2011 Grassroots science looked like this:          

Fair Share Dinner

A three course delicious autumn meal prepared by creative cooks with local organic ingredients for €8 Every year around United Nation’s World Food Day (in 2012 this day is on October 16) our collegue NGO Stichting Otherwise organises the Fair Share Dinner. This year the dinner will be held at the Regional Market, on October 13 … Read more

Food for All Festival

Celebrate food and farming in Wageningen, the Netherlands! Food4all is a festival that takes you on a journey through sustainable family farming, agro-ecology and the right to food.The Food4All festival is a critical supplement to the “Food4you festival”. The festival seeks to provide a critical perspective on global food security, and give voice sustainable alternatives. … Read more

Feeding the World

a different logic The debate rages on the best way to feed the world’s growing population. Tonight we explore the principles and practices of concepts such as agro-ecology and food sovereignty as a way forward. With Steve Sherwood (co-founder of Groundswell International a.o.), Jan-Douwe van der Ploeg (professor of Rural Sociology at WUR a.o.), Frank … Read more