Wie we zijn

Wie we zijn

Stichting Boerengroep aims to connect farmers and students. We bring students into the field, to get some practical experience and to get to know some Dutch farmers. We bring farmers into lecture rooms, to discuss hot agricultural topics.
The Boerengroep organizes activities for students and recent graduates of Wageningen UR and Van Hall Larenstein, social interest organisations like farmers’ associations and rural organisations.

Boerengroep heeft als doel:

  • Begrip kweken voor uiteenlopende meningen en een kritische houding ten opzichte van je eigen standpunt stimuleren
  • Approach agricultural topics from different angles
  • Highlight the (im)possibilities that farmers face
  • Stimulate transparancy of the food production chain to support a critical attitude of consumers and farmers
  • Realiseer een eerlijke en vitale landbouw door:
    • vizalizing the situation of farmers today and in the future through knowledge exchange amongst farmers and other professionals
    • improve the position of the farmer though consumers. think of an eat-in and regional market, where consumers directly get in touch with producers of their food
  • Informeren, ervaren, discussiëren, faciliteren, publiceren en activeren om licht te werpen op actuele vraagstukken in de landbouw.  Op deze manier willen Boerengroep en Inspringtheather een kritische houding ten opzichte van landbouw en voedsel stimuleren.



The Farmer Foundation supported by the Jump-in-Theatre, provides you a critical view on developments in agriculture. The foundation organizes activities like field trips, symposia, lectures, group discussions, interactive theatre and practical training courses. Also supporting interdisciplinary research projects focusing on sustainable agriculture and producing informative material are included.

Please check the ‘agenda’ page for an update of the latest Boerengroep and Inspringtheater activities.

Get involved

Do you miss a certain topic at Boerengroep? Organise it! We welcome volunteers who whish to organise a specific activity, plublication, or research. If your wish fits within the mission of Boerengroep, get in touch with us and we will see what we can organise together.

Weekly Farmers Coffee Talk

Every Thursdaymorning we drink coffee and discuss hot topics in agriculture. read more