Help out at Graangeluk this Friday

Dear agro-ecologists,
GraanGeluk is looking for help with weeding and seed collection!
When? Friday 27th of August, 19:00.
It’s the field next to the Belmonte Arboretum, we meet at the crossing of the Generaal Foulkesweg and the Holleweg.
GraanGeluk is looking for people to help for an hour or two on friday evening (27-8). On the Westerberg hill in Wageningen, looking out over the floodplains of the river Rhine and next to the Arboretum, GraanGeluk is growing grains the traditional, agro-ecological way. However, on a part of the field a noxious weed, which cannot be grazed and therefore not controlled, has spread. On another part of the field the ancient grain “emmer” grows too thinly to be harvested the normal way, but we would still like to save the seeds for propagation by using good old scissors to cut the ears off the plants. If we could gather a small group of people, these two small jobs will be done in no-time and it will be a great experience to get to know one of the agro-ecological initiatives around Wageningen.
A little background: GraanGeluk is a foundation that seeks to bring back the traditional nature-inclusive, integrated and agro-ecological farming system to the Veluwe/Gelderse valei, the area of in which Wageningen is located. Over the last century grains have disappeared from the Dutch landscape, which has caused not only a (near) loss of many traditional varieties of grain crops, but also the decline of flowering herbs that used to be found in these grain fields. At the same time pesticide use and artificial fertilizers were on the rise. The combination of these factors also caused to the decline of insect and bird diversity and abundance. GraanGeluk seeks to bring back old, locally adapted grain varieties to the local landscape they historically belonged to. By managing them extensively and organically, room is left for rare flowering herbs, insects and birds to flourish. By unifying traditional sheep herding with grain agriculure they furthermore seek to connect cultural landscapes and close nutrient cycles. The food they produce is processed locally by millers, malters, bakers and brewers to produce nutricious bread and award winning beer.
If you would like to help out, please let me know beforehand by sending me a whatsapp or text (+31646517788).
Hope to see you there!