October 12: Alternative Thesis Fair

alternative thesis fair 12-10 narrow casting

Do you need to write you thesis, but no idea what to do? Do you like subjects that are out-of-the-box? Come to our alternative thesis fair during Seriously Sustainable!

When? 12th of October, 17:30-19:00
Where? Forum building, ground floor
Organised by Otherwise, the Green Office and Boerengroep

What’s the idea?
In Wageningen, the university organises each year a thesis market where chairgroups promote their projects. We want to show that there are possibilities for your thesis outside the university as well. Also, the university advocates to give sustainability first priority, but we believe that there are more, alternative ways of sustainability that could get attention. For these two reasons, we came up with the idea to have, literally, an Alternative thesis market.

What will happen?
To give you an idea what practical, relevant topics you could write your thesis on, multiple organisation from different fields in society will be available all evening to share their topics. Don’t feel afraid to come by and ask them all you want to know. And if you have an interesting idea yourself, here you may find the network to support it!

Currently, the following organisations have confirmed:
o Farmers for the Future
o Boerenverstand
o Multi Tool Trac
o Corpus Drones
o Waterkracht
o Gaia Nederland
o Citycouncil Wageningen
o WUR Science Shop

We are still open for organisations who would like to join this event! Please contact our secretary, Sanne van Leeuwen, for more information: sanne.vanleeuwen@wur.nl

Besides that, Student Career Services will be there to help you get in touch with organisations outside university. For this, there will be an elevator pitch-workshop at 18:00.

Also, Writing Lab will be there to give you tips and trics when writing your thesis.

Again, any thesis idea is open for discussion this evening! But to give you some idea what to expect, most topics will fall within the following themes:
– Circular economy/ circular office furniture
– Zero food waste
– Sustainable practices in in ecovillages
– Agroecological farming methods, in particular (but not limited to) Food forests
– Issues from the (agricultural) field

See you there!