Wie zijn wij?

Stichting Boerengroep (Peasant Foundation) is een studentenstichting van Wageningen Universiteit die als doel heeft de universiteit (studenten, onderzoek, onderwijs) te verbinden met de realiteit en uitdagingen van boeren in Nederland en wereldwijd. Op deze manier strijden we voor sociale, rechtvaardige en duurzame voedselproductie. Dit doen we door studenten in het veld te brengen en boeren in collegezalen van de universiteit.

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Aankomende evenementen

Dialogue with Indigenous Leaders from Brazil

31/10/2019 @ 17:00 – 19:00 – Thursday 31st of October Boerengroep, Greenpeace and the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy group are hosting a delegation of leaders of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil. Location Impulse, 17:00-19:00. Deforestation, land grabbing, exploitation of labour and rampant use of pesticides threaten the environment and people in Brazil. That is why APIB – Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation […]

Bike excursion to de Ommuurde Tuin

02/11/2019 @ 14:00 – 17:00 – This autumn Boerengroep will organise some Autumn excursions again! The first one is a bike excursion to the organic garden ‘de Ommuurde tuin’ on Saturday 2nd of November. If you want to join, please subscribe by October 31 (link below). This farm is located in Renkum and is the former garden of the wife of […]

Last Boerengroep Break of the academic year

03/07/2019 @ 20:00 – 23:00 – Next Wednesday we have our last Boerengroep Break of the year! Come and join us at 20h in Café Onder de Linden for an informal evening where we can talk about all the (farming-related) things! Do you have agricultural plans this summer? Did you enjoy this school year? Let’s take a break together before the […]

Farm Experience Internship 2019

22/07/2019 – 16/08/2019 @ 08:00 – 18:00 – The FEI is a growing movement, that is being co-created by peasants, farmers, gardeners, scientists, students, activists, NGOs and agroecological companies – working together towards a sustainable, healthy, viable food system that is fair and just for the earth, the consumer and the producer. Together, we co-organize a 3 ECTS international summer course at the […]

Sustainability Day 2019 – Towards circular farming: annual forum

10/10/2019 @ 12:00 – 18:30 – SUSTAINABILITY DAY 2019 Towards circular farming: annual forum. Assessing the work in progress. PROGRAM 12:00-12:20 Walk-in, tea/coffee 12:20-12:35 General welcome, Introduction 12:40-14:00 THEME 1: Education and circular farming What does a paradigm shift towards circularity mean in education? Introduction by a speaker & panel discussion 14:00-14:20 Break 14:20-15:40 THEME 2: Policy and circular farming What […]

Boerengroep Break

19/03/2020 @ 20:00 – 23:00 – The Boerengroep Breaks are an informal space where you can meet up with other students, share ideas and get into dialogue on challenges and new initiatives that farmers engage in the Netherlands and around the world. It is also the perfect moment to meet the people behind Boerengroep and Inspringtheater (our sister organisation). We are […]

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