Oktober 8: Agroecology in practice: “Sharing the harvest of the FEI”

Last summer, the second edition of the Farm Experience Internship (FEI) was organized; a summer school about agro-ecology in practice. This international course brings together theoretical knowledge from students with the practical skills and knowledge from farmers.
Students from different nationalities and backgrounds experienced the reality of local farms, searching for knowledge, practice, alternatives and personal experiences. A preparation phase took place before the experience in the farm, where interactive workshops and lectures were conducted, by scientists, consultants, teachers, NGO’s and technicians. Afterwards, all the students came back for an evaluation phase, to exchange knowledge, systematize the experiences and gather results.The course is organized by students and supported by the chair groups Farming Systems Ecology (FSE) and Rural Sociology (RSO) and the foundations Boerengroep, Otherwise, Ileia and organic seeds company The Bolster.We would like to ‘share the harvest’ of the FEI 2014 with you, through collective evaluation and reflection. And challenge you to sow new seeds for the FEI 2015. Join us at the evaluation evening on Wednesday October 8, 19.30 at the Forum building (Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen). The room number will be indicated at the entrance.

more info: www.farmexperienceinternship.wordpress.com