Palmoil in Indonesia

Biodiversity in Indonesia: the pamoil threat – Debate with Peter van der Meer (Alterra) and campaigner Greenpeace

Palmoil has been estimated to be found in every one of two supermarket products. It is an ingredient, often labelled as “vegetable oil”, in products ranging from margarine, sweets and chips to soaps and cosmetics. It is also used to produce animal feed and biofuel. Indonesia is the largest producer of palmoil in the world. The expansion of palmoil plantations has however been paired with deforestation and land grab. The roundtable on sustainable palm oil was set up to tackle these problems. The results have however been ambiguous.

When: Monday September 10
Time: 19:30
Location: Forum building (room will be announce within the building)
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This lecture is part of this new seasons Grassroots Sciences series