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Welcome at Digging Deeper, the podcast by Stichting Boerengroep Wageningen, which will dig deep into agricultural matters and practices. From the fields of the Netherlands to the far-reaching corners of the world, we explore a broad spectrum of agricultural topics to hopefully educate and inspire you, our listeners. We are on a mission for a social, just, and sustainable food system that nourishes both people and planet. We invite you to be a part of this mission!

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Episode 3: Solidarity payment: a fair income for farmers – with Elske Hageraats

How do farmers get a fair income? In this episode we will dive into this important topic together with Elske Hageraats. Elske worked as a farmer for many years and experienced struggles with earning a fair income. She started doing research and ended up writing a book called Eerlijk Loon, which means Fair Wage. She introduced a different kind of payment method called Solidarity Payment, which focuses on a fair wage for the farmer and which creates a relationship between the producer and the consumer. In this episode she will tell us all about it! At the end of the conversation, we also talk about her course “Agroecology in Practice”, a program that teaches you the practical knowledge and skills to, after one year, start your own agroecological farm. If this interests you, make sure you stay until the end. Tune into the episode and start listening to Elske her wisdom!

Episode 2: Organic farming, feeding the world and the potential of lupin beans – with André Jurrius

Can we feed the world with organic farming? This question is often asked when people talk about organic farming methods. But is it a sensible question? Both André Jurrius, the guest of this episode, and Martin van Ittersum, a researcher from Wageningen University, give their insights on this big question.

Together with André Jurrius, we dive into the world of organic farming. Moreover, challenges within the agrosystem, the impact of climate change on farmers, and issues like food waste are addressed. André is the organic farmer of ‘Ekoboerderij de Lingehof’ and the co-founder of ‘Lekker Lupine’. His mission is to provide healthy food for humans and nature. Tune in and enjoy the conversation!

Episode 1: Our agricultural system, farmer realities and responsibility of consumers