Boerengroep is made by a multitude of people, and we thought it’d be nice to regularly introduce one of our
[see pictures below] On November 4th, we were happy to receive dr. Godfrey Nzamujo in Wageningen! Dr. Godfrey Nzamujo studied
FEI 2021   On the 19th of July, a group of around twenty people came together at the creative community
Volunteers wanted! Sept 24: action in Utrecht during the Climate Strike The European Citizens' Initiative 'Save Bees and Farmers' has
Dear agro-ecologists, GraanGeluk is looking for help with weeding and seed collection! When? Friday 27th of August, 19:00. It's the
Last Thursday, we had a lunch event about the "Commons" with Pablo van Neste, Elianne Bakker and Maria van Maanen.
Indian farmers also want regulation, no surrender to the free market. Article translated from the summary made by Greet Goverde
The Farm Experience Internship is a 3 ECTS international summer course at Wageningen University (Netherlands). It’s a growing movement that
written by Romy van der Made You might have heard of it, you might have not. In the Netherlands, we
This is the recording of the third virtual Farmer’s Tale in the peasant farmers of Europe series! This time we