14-03-2023 Mirte van den Bos Scope 1 tot 3, natura2000, stikstofverbindingen, depositie, PAS. Het is tweede kerstdag, ik zit op
This page serves as notes for the Boerengroep Farmer’s Tale that took place on February 22nd, 2023. From Boerengroep, Rosh,
Boerengroep is looking for and intern and volunteers to help organize the FEI! We have a vacancy for an intern
  Op 18 en 19 maart 2023 organiseert Fruittuin van West de volgende Reclaim the Seeds zadenbeurs. Twee dagen is
Stichting Boerengroep is looking for a new coordinator as starting 1 April 2023. Organization Stichting Boerengroep bridges the gap between
Tuinderij het Lichtveen is offering a series of workshops on No-Dig and Crop Planning! The no-dig approach to gardening is
It was probably obvious that CU's Carola Schouten would be given interim acting responsibility for the recently unmanned portfolio of
We are looking for a new Treasurer !! (No experience needed) Roles and Responsibility : - Oversee the financial administrations -
Do you long for connection to the food-growing community? There are many paths in life that can lead a person
Tractors blocking highways, angry farmers, Dutch flags that are turned upside down, the minister of agriculture resigns and Dutch society