Reclaim the Seeds 2017


It’s time again for the biggest seed swap of the Netherlands! This year, Reclaim the Seeds will take place on the 4th of March in De Vasim in Nijmegen. Like every year, there will be an seed market and workshops. This is the place to find local, special, beautiful seeds, roots, tubers and seedlings. Bring your own to swap or give a little donation. During the seed market there will be lectures, movies and workshops. Check out the program below!

The next day, on the 5th of March we can put our theory into practice in an ecological neighbourhood in Lent. IEWAN and Eikpunt started there and now the people who live there make sure the place will get a little food forest. Wouter van Eck will give a lecture and afterwards we’ll plant the edible trees and shrubs. Also, there will be several excursions to projects in the neighbourhood.


Time Start: 10:30 – 16:30
Departure from Wageningen: we take the train Saturday at 9:02 from Ede-Wageningen, you can meet us there! Contact person: Elske (00316 4866 3589)
Location: De Vasim, Winselingseweg 41, Nijmegen.
Entrance fee: on donation (note that we’re all volunteers and we’re dependent on donations from visitors and gifts from sponsors who find it important that seeds stay in the hands of the people and are not monopolized by big corporations)
Program 4th March:
– The 15th Garden, a network of city gardens in Syria which is supported by seed savers in Europe
– Keeping biodiversity alive: the case of old grain varieties
– Patents on seeds.
– How to store seeds?
– Developments around seed companies: Bayer/Monsanto, the tribunal and more
– The importance of biodiversity
– Regulations for small/DIY seed savers
– Perennials and Food Forests als sustainable alternative.
– Climate change and Agriculture: an underestimated challenge.
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RtS route


Time: 10:30 – 16:30
Location: Duitslandstraat 4, Lent (20 minuten walk from train station Lent)
Entrance fee: donation and a contribution to the potluck lunch (preferably organic and vegetarian)
Sign up:


Would you like to be a Seed-Hero as well? Join the team! We are always in need of a helping hand, whether it’s website design, T-Shirt design, handing out flyers, helping to build up& break down the market, give coffee and tea to the stand holders, a phototgrapher, reporters, or any awesome idea you have that contributes to another beautiful seed market! Send us a mail:


* Website Reclaim the Seeds
* many articles, documentaries and info about seeds: English here; Dutch here
* Facebook page Reclaim the Seeds
* Zaden voor Syrie: the 15th Garden. hier