Reclaim the Seeds

The collective dream for Reclaim the Seeds Wageningen 2024 emerges as a multifaceted tapestry woven from diverse aspirations and shared ideals. Rooted in the quest for alternative seed systems and breeding techniques, participants envision a platform that champions biodiversity preservation and challenges prevailing norms, including GMO regulation and the discourse on hybrid seeds. Embracing the political and educational dimensions of agriculture, the event aims to instigate societal dialogue, foster inclusivity, and ignite advocacy for seed autonomy. Suggestions span from collaborating with advocacy groups like Extinction Rebellion to cultivating intergenerational exchanges and envisioning a Seed Agreement for governmental engagement. Participants advocate for workshops on seasonal cooking, intergenerational dialogues, and holistic learning experiences, embodying a commitment to blend traditional wisdom with contemporary innovation. Through collaboration and collective action, Reclaim the Seeds 2024 seeks to catalyze transformative change in seed autonomy, agricultural practices, and societal perceptions.

The objectives of Reclaim the Seeds Wageningen 2024 are multifaceted and include:

  • Promoting Alternative Seed Systems: Encourage the exploration and adoption of alternative seed systems and breeding techniques that prioritize biodiversity preservation and resilience.
  • Facilitating Dialogue and Education: Create a platform for dialogue, education, and exchange of knowledge regarding seed autonomy, GMO regulation, and the psychological impact of agriculture on society.
  • Advocating for Political Engagement: Advocate for political engagement and activism surrounding seed autonomy and agricultural practices, fostering collaboration with advocacy groups and governmental bodies.
  • Fostering Collaboration and Alliances: Facilitate collaborations and alliances among organizations and individuals sharing similar objectives, leveraging collective strengths for societal change.
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning: Engage in visioning exercises, backcasting, and strategic planning to outline actionable steps, including the development of a Seed Agreement and intergenerational dialogues.
  • Offering Diverse Workshops and Sessions: Provide diverse workshops and sessions on topics such as seasonal cooking, intergenerational dialogues, and holistic learning experiences to empower participants and foster skill-building.

Overall, the objectives aim to catalyze transformative change in seed autonomy, agricultural practices, and societal perceptions through education, advocacy, collaboration, and strategic planning.


We are thrilled to present the Program Booklet for the Reclaim the Seeds Wageningen Edition!


Inside, you’ll discover the detailed schedule of the day, including exciting activities and a glimpse of the Day 2 (7th of April) excursions. Dive into the profiles of our esteemed speakers and gain insights into their contributions.

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Let’s embrace the upcoming pleasant weather while championing a movement that celebrates seed diversity!

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