Seed saving webinar : what’s next ?

On the 3d of June, we had a webinar about seed saving. The goal of this meeting was to exchange on the topic but also to explore the idea of a seed saving circle in Wageningen.

If you have been following our recent activities, you probably know Chris from Pluktuin Sayuran by now ! For those who missed on that, Pluktuin Sayuran is an agroecological self-harvest market garden in Wageningen, created by Chris Chancellor, former student at WUR and who has the idea to launch a seed saving network in Wageningen, with professional and non-professional gardeners !
This night allowed Chris and participants to connect with Maria Scholten who is  working as regional coordinator for Scotland for Seed Sovereignt as well with Norbert Mergen from MergenMetz.

MergenMetz is a hobby, with a focus on biodiversity, organic gardening and ethnobotanical aspects. They have a show garden – a vegetable plot, a food forest. Norbert is working on a book which will tackle heirloom varieties, history of vegetables and other interesting topics, we will keep you updated for that !

Seed sovereignety is a vast network in the UK and Ireland who aims at increasing the amount of agro-ecological seed being grown by connecting different actors to provide coherence across the food and seed sector and support farmers with further skills, resources and information.

Chris’ project is still at an early stage, keep an eye out for updates !


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