The Beginner’s Guide to Boerengroep

Do you long for connection to the food-growing community?

There are many paths in life that can lead a person to The Beginner’s Guide to Boerengroep – what matters the most is that you have arrived here. Whether you are new to Wageningen, or simply new to Boerengroep, you are probably aware of the importance of building healthy and resilient food systems for the future. Boerengroep (or Peasant Foundation in English) is a critical student organization that aims to connect farmers with students and researchers. In other words, we are here to democratize the transfer of knowledge between growers, eaters, and thinkers (the three are not mutually exclusive).

There are many exciting initiatives happening in and around the Netherlands regarding sustainable food practices, and we bring you the news through events, excursions, and exciting edge-of-your-seat discussions. If all of this sounds interesting, and you are someone who grows food, eats food, or thinks about food, then you should consider joining us at the Boerengroep breaks. What is a break? Every other week on Thursday we (the so-called Boerengroepies) meet in a casual setting to express our deepest desires for the future of humanity, farming, and other topics that evoke a large range of emotions.

Our first break of the year was on September 17th, and involved many inspiring conversations at a distance of 1.5 meters. We were joined on that jolly, yet chilly evening by eager newcomers and time-tested supporters who asked each other questions like “what do you think is your role in the universe?” You can join the break at leisure, or even consider joining Boerengroep as a volunteer or intern to work on topics such as food sovereignty and climate change in agriculture.

All things considered, the curation of Boerengroep breaks is becoming increasingly challenging due to corona and the slow-but-steady arrival of winter. We are working to resolve the logistics of enjoying gezellig evenings together in times of crisis, and in the meantime you can keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for upcoming events. We hope to see you in the future!