The power of inspiration


Today my heart filled with joy! In the midst of farms disappearing, fighting land grabs, soil erosion, low prices and rising costs – a new generation stands up. We all contribute little but very important steps. Why? Because we inspire, we connect, we share across borders, nationalities, genders, religions. We all see hope, we all plant our seeds, one by one. These people are my heroes, Kheri is my hero. I want to share his message with you all:

Thanks to God I have registered my company thanks to my family for financial support and prayers, Albertien Kijne and Marco Verschuur for support and encouragement after informing you about my plan to start my own farm apart from the normal family farm, 2015/2016 Masters, brothers and Sisters from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science , Velp Campus the Netherlands, Marga Jensen and Anna in Wageningen, Krispijn and Bio Romeo family, Farm Experience Internship(FEI) 2016 participants for their moral support towards switching my mind to farming. My company is registered with certificate number 422435 with the name : MEI FARM as from 30th November 2016 my farm will focus on vegetable and fruits production, Pig Production and later I will switch to Fish farming apart from all this activities I am planning to do consultation works with small scale farmers and to start Farm Experience Internship(FEI) for young farmers, experts in the field of agriculture, students and anyone willing to do farming and animal husbandry in Tanzania starting with Dodoma where I am living. and thank you for your support.
God bless you all