Vacancy Internship with Boerengroep 50 Years

Become an intern at Boerengroep and organize 50 years Boerengroep activities! 

We are currently looking for an intern starting in spring 2021, to help organize a 50 years Boerengroep festival September next year. We are thinking of a day-long event with continuous workshops about different agriculture- and food-related practices, a theatre show and a farmers market, but all ideas are welcome, so let your creativity flow!

Starting earlier in 2021 is also possible, but then you would organize evening debates about a variety of subjects, and help finish the Boerengroep 50 years magazine with in-depth pieces and artwork. A Boerengroep internship consists of three parts: a practical part of working on a farm, a Boerengroep part and a personal project part.